Frequently Asked Questions on TNPSC forum

  1. Where is TNPSCForum.com's office located?Please read our about us page.
  2. What should I read before using TNPSCforum website?You should have read our Privacy policy, and Terms of Service.
  3. What are all the languages approved to post?
    Currently, we support only English. 
  4. Why don't this website support Tamil?
    We go according to the guidelines of Google Adsense. They don't support Tamil currently. 
  5. Will you add Tamil Texts in Future?
    Not sure. If Google decides to support Tamil websites through Google Adsense we could also.
  6. How to contact admin?
    You can simply post any threads in general discussions if you have any doubts. If you want to send private messages you can mail us to [email protected]
  7. Why does my post was deleted?
    Your post may get deleted because you would have violated copyright rules, using abusive words, spamming the forum, or asking unrelated questions.
Sep 19, 2016
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