Free Mock Test for TNPSC Group 1 Exam at Manidhanaeyam

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    Many of the students were waiting for such a happy news from Manidhanaeyam.
    Finally, Manidhanaeyam has uploaded a model question paper and allowed us to write a mock test for TNPSC group 1 exam. As we have TNPSC group 1 exam for various posts, Manidhanaeyam has released this web application. Manidhanaeyam also provides free study materials for TNPSC group 1. The documents can be downloaded without any fuss.
    Here I have explained step by step procedures for both How to write TNPSC group 1 mock test and How to Download Manidhanaeyam Group 1 Study Material?
    Step 1: Go to
    Step 2: Under 'Online Exams' tab you will find a message "Good news: Open to all! No OTP required. TNPSC G1 Prelims Online test and materials for all!" Click on the link
    Step 3: Enter your Mobile Number
    Step 4: There you will find test materials and study materials.
    For the mock test, there is a disadvantage with their application. we have to mark all answers to check our answers so we cannot get the accurate mark of us. Anyhow, this is a good service provided by Manidhanaeyam.
    Study Material:
    The standards of the question paper and the study material is very good. I will always suggest everyone to read basic textbooks instead of reading study materials. But this is a worthy study material to read and in the last minute preparation textbooks will be useful only for those who have already finished reading Samacheer Kalvi books and waiting for a revision. If you haven't read Samacheer Kalvi books and have started to prepare for TNPSC only after the announcement then this study material will be very useful.
    Test Questions:

    The Test questions are also worthy enough to practice but the formats in which they have uploaded is annoying. We can't check answer keys immediately. They should have developed some quiz program or used some WordPress plugins for the ease of students. They preferred their ease and so we have to spend little more time to learn how the web application works.
    Wait is Over:

    This is the first time for Manidhaneyam to release some question paper set and some study materials through their website. Aspirants from all over Tamilnadu were longing for such online programmes for coaching classes. This is a very good move by Manidhaneyam. They should reach more aspirants by giving such study materials and question papers. They can also upload some classes through youtube. Classes are provided to 100-200 students and when it is uploaded in youtube it may serve a lakh of aspirants every year. This is also cost effective for them.

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