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    NEWS HEADLINES OF THE DAY – 17 November 2017– FRIDAY

    Global investors heading to India beginning to make Bangladesh stopovers – rapid growing economy

    TCS to build its own technology develop in-house talent to take up senior roles even if it sacrifice growth

    Bid to fight air pollution: NTPC to use crop stubble in fuel mix, 10% straw pellets in energy mix

    RBI ready to train its guns on 50 more stressed A/Cs, classifying loan as NPA will dent bank profit

    Google, FB join news organisations in Trust Project aimed at identifying trustworthy news source

    Congressional committee vote, increase minimum salary of H1B visa from $60L to $90L with restrictions

    Telecom Over-the-top telecom apps create 6.3L Cr consumer surplus, user saves 804mins per week

    Saubhagya scheme: Govt to push prepaid, smart meters in universal electrification drive - 12K Cr budget

    Study: Modern-day women continue to value money/strength in men-consider these traits attractive

    Glucose control in diabetics, leads to lower levels of glycated haemoglobin associated with mortality

    Find: Regular energy drink damage/cause mental health problems, increased BP, obesity/kidney damage

    Mysterious chatter: Prescient messages about Indian Cos float on WhatsApp, Dr Reddy Q2 leaked

    Andhra-Toyota ink pact launch e-vehicles in Amravati, 10 latest EV to be delivered by May-Dec 2018

    Telecom: Airtel gains 23MN subscribers amid telcos active users fall, Aircel defaulted on debt repayment

    Global warming: NASA tool predict which city will flood 1st- Mangalore Mumbai at risk Sea level 15.98CM

    352Vacant super speciality medical seats cost exchequer 200Cr–Infra, faculty, equipment makes it costly

    Water level drops to 66% in 91 major reservoirs across India, Maha/Punjab/HP/WB/TN/AP – Good levels

    Cash holding by mutual funds in equity portfolio drop lowest since June, as money put in public offerings

    More than 732MN Indians don’t have access to toilet, Worst for women 355MN wait since Swachh Bharat

    Stop misleading adverts 6UK Univ told amid intense competition among varsities with deep funding cuts

    Keystone Pipeline Leaks 2.1L Gallons of Oil in South Dakota, concern as it cross large fresh water deposit

    Pathetic: N Korean defector who fled S Korea, had 10-Inch Parasite In Stomach, Unlike Surgeon Had seen

    UN Chief: Suppressing Human Rights Breeds Terrorism in reply to Trump’s UN irrelevant to global issues

    Here in UK, lots of hand-wringing from CEOs over Brexit, Many want to have confirming vote to leave EU

    VW team with Chinese partner in €10BN Electric Car Push introduce 40 locally-produced vehicles by 2025

    Xi Jinping’s globalist vision encounters suspicion in communist backyard, Vietnam’s over South China Sea

    Johnson & Johnson hit with $247MN verdict in hip implant trial, defectively designed failed to warn risks

    Islamic State has lost 95% of its caliphate’ declared 3years ago in Iraq/Syria, 7.5MN people liberated

    Greenko ReNew eye SkyPower India solar power projects against backdrop of growing consolidation

    No GST payment on advance received for supplyi…
    [08:41, 11/18/2017] +91 76395 76395: NEWS HEADLINES OF THE DAY – 18 November 2017– SATURDAY

    Thumbs-up after 14yrs from Moody actually only veiled warning to Govt not to undo fiscal consolidation

    59%millennials prefer marriage only after family approval – Singles life goals – Career 1st Marriage 2nd

    Bosses, beware: High pressure jobs, expectations encourage employees to cheat & unethical behavior

    A cup of coffee a day: Drinking coffee 3-5 times regularly reduce risk of liver cancer/cirrhosis

    Walmart India recognised among 100 best Cos for women for promoting employment, retention

    Daimler to invest $755MN in China for electric car, battery production- 1st EQ vehicle EQC SUV Crossover

    India's NHPC could bid for Nepal's $2.5BN power project pulled from China, GMR/Satluj to build 900MW

    Performance bikes from Harley Triumph Norton set to vroom on Indian roads demand created by Enfield

    E-Com Ahead: India 432MN Internet Users, 60MN online shoppers, 40% less of Alibaba single’s day

    Transport: GoAir induct 4more planes, add 30additional flights, IndiGo takes delivery of 1st ATR plane

    Valley shivers as Gulmarg, Kargil - minus 5.6 degrees record season’s coldest temp & Leh Coldest -6.9deg

    Drones to boost surveillance Uttarakhand border with Nepal China track poacher timber mafia &Maoists

    ISRO: India, Japan mulling possible Jt mission to Moon, inputs on weather-monitoring parameters

    NRI PIO don’t need to link bank A/Cs, PAN with Aadhaar, applies to residents as per Aadhaar Act 2016

    In a 1st, domestic air passenger traffic breach 10MN mark in Oct – IndiGo at 41Lac, 2nd Jet Airways 15Lac

    Stubble trouble: Haryana farmer bear brunt smog delays wheat sowing, 1st 2wks of Nov ideal for sowing

    Saudi king to step down, name son successor - take place next week unless something dramatic happens

    ‘Killer robots’ identify & destroys target to be battle ready soon, UN holds talk amid pressure to set rules

    After more than 600yrs, 1st woman appointed Black Rod – Key role in opening of British Parl postelection

    N Korea aggressively working on ballistic missile submarine - possibly SINPO-C ballistic missile submarine

    Italian Surgeon Announces First Human Head Transplant Set To Take Place In China as US/Euro not allow

    Germany passes US as Nation with best worldwide Reputation, US goes to 6th place – only reason Trump

    Property market slump have ripple effect on innovation productivity of staff, Negative shock can hamper

    Big Thing: Indian Oil, BPCL/HPCL plan to raise gas contribution to between 5%-15% of their incomes

    Internet of things(IoT) device in India expected to increase 10times to 200Cr in next 3-4years

    Hospital infection particularly mortality risk resistant Klebseilla/E. Coli circulating in common population

    Lower Govt revenue higher spending lead widening fiscal deficit, principle credit weakness remain stable

    Tesla’s electric truck could threaten big chunk of oil if it works, deliver 500mile range/lower lifetime cost

    I-T issue draft norm allowing foreign banks to convert local branches into wholly owned units with riders

    Workaholic keen swimmer - Glowing profile crack door open on private life of China Prez Xi Jinping

    Sensex, Nifty close high, investors cheer Moody ratings upgrade, Banking counter top- ICICI/HDFC/SBI up

    SpaceX postpones launch of secretive Zuma mission – need to complete data review, then fresh date

    History is stacked against Sri Lanka in the Kolkata Test match will be 1st test that SL win over India in India

    Today’s Word – Iambus - Poetic foot consisting of short then long syllable

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