Previous Year TNPSC Group 1 Questions 2017 Set 6

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    51. Which of the following has the least wavelength?
    A. X-rays
    B. Microwaves
    C. Ultra Violet rays
    D.Radio waves​

    52. Ozone layer of atmosphere absorbs
    A. Visible radiations
    B. Infrared radiations
    C. Ultraviolet radiations
    D. Radio waves​

    53. ARadio active element "X" with a half life of 2 hours decay giving a stable element "Y". After a time of t hours the ratio of atoms is 1 : 7 then, the value of
    A. 4 hours
    B. 6 hours
    C. 5 hours
    D. 14 hours​

    54. The root nodules of Casuarina which are capable of symbiotic nitrogen fixation contain the microbe
    A. Rhizobium
    B. Frankia
    C. Anabaena
    D. Azotobacter​

    55. Which cytoplasmic organelle is associated with 'acrosome' formation in the spermatozoa of animals?
    A. Lysosome
    C. Golgi complex
    D. Chromosome
    56. Deficiency of folic acid leads to
    A. Anaemia
    B. Mental disorder
    C. Scurvy
    D. Night blindness​

    57. Which of the following is a social insect?
    B. locust
    C. bedbug
    58. Which one. of the following is NOT correctly matched?
    List I List II
    Hormone Secreted by
    I. Testosterone - Interstitial cells
    II. Prolactin - Adrenal medulla
    III. Estrogen - Ovary
    IV. Progesterone - Corpus luteum​

    A. I only
    B.II only
    C. III and II
    D. IV only​

    59. Point out the correct statement in the following:
    A. Indus people Worshiped Lord Indra
    B. Indus civilization was a rural civilization
    C. Iron was unknown to the Indus people
    D. The 'Great bath' was located at Harappa​

    60. Name the social reformer who supported Dr. Muthulakshmi Reddy for the abolition of Devadasi system.
    A. E.V. Ramasamy Naicker
    B. T.M. Nair
    C. C.N. Anna Durai
    D. Natesa Mudaliar​

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